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Overview: Xpeng G6 EV


May 12, 2024

The G6 aims to challenge Tesla with competitive pricing and abundant technology—so why didn’t it quite meet expectations?

Xpeng, a relatively young Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, might not be on your radar yet, but it deserves attention. In just a decade, Xpeng has launched five distinct vehicles, employs 15,000 people, and has the capability to produce up to 600,000 cars annually. The company began its European expansion in 2021.

In addition to its electric vehicles, Xpeng is developing an eVTOL aircraft designed to transport two passengers across urban areas. It also has a partnership with Volkswagen, which holds a 5 percent stake in Xpeng, to co-develop a pair of EVs set to debut in 2026.

Xpeng’s current lineup includes the P5 and P7 sedans, the G9 SUV—which has garnered positive reviews—and the X9, a seven-seat MPV. The new G6, positioned below the G9, is a direct competitor to the popular Tesla Model Y. The G6 will be available in several European countries, including the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Iceland, starting in the latter half of 2024.

Focusing on simplicity, the G6 offers three well-equipped variants. Each model features a panoramic roof, heated seats in both the front and rear (with ventilation for the front seats), an 18-speaker 960-watt sound system with noise cancellation, dual wireless phone chargers with cooling, a heat pump, and 800-volt charging capability similar to Kia and Hyundai, with a vehicle-to-load function providing up to 3.3 kW of power for household devices.

Customers need only choose from five exterior colors (vibrant orange, black, white, gray, or silver), select a black or white faux leather interior, and decide if they want a tow bar. This straightforward approach contrasts sharply with German manufacturers, who often charge extra for a myriad of optional features.

Despite its impressive tech and competitive pricing, the G6 left us somewhat unimpressed. While it boasts numerous features and a simplified buying process, it somehow lacks the appeal to fully capture our enthusiasm.

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